Despite the fact that I won the first place in the 1996 All-Russia Programming Contest, there are few finalized and published software works. As a programmer, I take part in the development of project prototypes and then delegate further programming tasks to members of the team projects.
HookDump 1996 - 1997
HookDump was a key-logger, which could be used both as a tool for monitoring users' actions, and as a spying software application, with the peak of its popularity dating back to the late 1990s.
Along with collecting data about the activity of the keyboard and the mouse, it stored the names of the programs, windows, and form fields that were used. Being started, the HookDump process was not reflected in the Windows task monitor. The size of the program was 21760 bytes.

In a 1999 review of similar programs, the Komputerra weekly mentioned HookDump as the best program in its class
My inventions relate to two major areas within the progress of engineering technologies and computer science, the first being computer-based devices or elements of such devices (e.g., gaming consoles), and the second, ways of implementation of online platforms which intensify social communications.
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